Bulles de Culture are...

1- Business evenings to bring together your team and thank your best customers

2- Private tours (one to three people) in the biggest Paris exhibitions

3- Custom made cultural travels fit to your needs.


Bulles de Culture are also...

1- A strong and recognized knowledge in the history of fashion and in the world of art and shows

2- Gold tickets and gift cards to offer to your customers or friends

3- A gastronomic spin-off with its brand FOOD de Culture which lets you discover history with a cultural approach


Bulles de Culture are finally...

1- Passion: everyone in our team share the same love for culture, from the founder who’s a cultural blogger since 2010 and covers classical dance and music shows, to the speakers, graduates from the Ecole du Louvre school and national lecturers recognized by the state.

2- An educational approach, serious on its content but light on its style, that’s how we roll.

3- A 100% complete service, we take care of everything so you can have the best experience.


Bulles de Culture, your cultural breath!